Angus is a multimedia 

journalist who contributes regularly to leading Australian and 



He has experience with breaking news, investigative and feature stories. 


Career update:
Reporter at the Times News Group
In January 2021 I started at The Times News Group. I report for the Surf Coast Times, Bellarine Times, Geelong Times, and Armstrong Creek Times. The group also publishes the Ballarat Times, Bendigo Times and the Golden Plains Times.

Local news is the best news! The Surf Coast Times has always been in my top three favourite publications and I'm thrilled to be working for them.

Tracks Magazine:
Fear, Splendour and Flow States.

Everyone knows you don’t listen to your favourite road trip tunes on your commute. Likewise, ‘Surf by Day, Jam by Night’ isn’t meant for reading at home or in the library. It’s a road trip book that gets better with sand and saltwater.
What the Islamic State and suburban gangs have in common
It was Paris’ darkest night this century.
On November 13, 2015, Islamic jihadists wearing suicide vests and brandishing AK-47s murdered 130 people and wounded hundreds more across the French capital.
Four years on, a resurgent and emboldened Islamic State is wreaking havoc with violence, crop fires and suicide bombings across Syria and Iraq, and according to Jamil Jivani, the frontline of the battle is much closer than you think.
Story published under various headlines across multiple News Corp mastheads. First published as 'Child's harrowing encounter with police'  ... read more


Right Now Magazine: Wild Sea - A History of the Southern Ocean 
Joy McCann has travelled extensively in the Southern Ocean; from the icy shores of Antarctica to beaches teeming with life in South Georgia. There are many threats facing the Southern Ocean in the decade ahead but there is also a little bit of good news. ... read more


Career update:
Appointed Editor at Right Now Magazine
In September 2019 I was appointed editor at Right Now Magazine. Right Now is an independent not-for-profit media organisation focused on human rights issues in Australia. Our work begins with the belief that creating a positive, rights-respecting culture in Australia begins with the flow of information ... read more

The Yak:
Season Two
Producer and host of World Vision's flagship podcast.

The Yak is available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and more. Or you can stream it in your browser ... listen here

Katherine Times:
Remote community marches
Women, children and men from the remote Northern Territory community of Lajamanu rallied for their second annual International Women’s Day march, held on Tuesday ... read more

Quill Awards
Announced as
Finalist in the Melbourne Press Club journalism awards for 'The Syrian War and its Child Refugees'. 
The awards night will coincide with the eighth anniversary of the Syrian war.
As the conflict enters its ninth year it’s an opportunity to reflect, not only on the plight of the Syrian people, but on our own foreign aid budget and whether countries like Australia can do more for refugees and displaced people in conflict zones.
It’s also an opportunity to reflect and be grateful that we live in a country that celebrates press freedom.
At least 63 journalists were killed doing their jobs in 2018, with Afghanistan and Syria being the deadliest places for journalists worldwide. 
View the list of finalists

The Yak:
Season One
The Yak is a new podcast from World Vision Australia.
World Vision is a worldwide community development organisation that provides short-term and long-term assistance to 100 million people. The Yak takes you to some of the places we work and introduces you to some of the people who inspire us. 
The Yak is available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and more. Or you can stream it in your browser ... listen here

Ossie Awards
Announced as
Winner of the Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia (JERAA) national Ossie award for 'Best text-based story by a postgraduate student' for "The Syrian war and its child refugees."
According to the judges:

"Angus produced a sophisticated, insightful and accessible snapshot into a complex and ongoing issue. He employed sensitivity while telling a few of the human stories plucked from the crisis to deliver an emotional punch while his careful research and astute observations lent the feature authority and gravitas."
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Right Now Magazine: Could sky-high house prices lead to a new uprising in Hong Kong?
The rumblings that turned into roars still echo through the streets of Hong Kong. When the Umbrella Revolution began, Chan didn’t pick up an umbrella, instead he picked up a pen, notepad, smartphone and camera and hit the streets as a citizen journalist. He was there on the first day of protests ... read more

Hong Kong Free Press: ‘Beaten black and blue’ Domestic workers still face abuse, wage theft and cramped living in Hong Kong
A modern slave in one of the world’s most modern cities. Surapi travelled to Hong Kong with the dream of providing a better life for her husband and seven-year-old son back home in Indonesia. Instead, she lived a waking nightmare ... read more

Neighbourhood Paper:
The Syrian war and its child refugees
It’s not just bullets and bombs that Evana and her family fear. It’s hard to count the ways war has of inflicting cruelty on women and children. ... read more

Herald Sun and News Corp Kids News:
Syrian children learning to read and write in camp schools after escaping
war-torn homes
On the side of a mountain sits the World Vision Dar Sadaka centre. It’s Arabic for House of Friendship. It might look like a normal kindergarten but these children are learning on the edge of a war zone. Never thought I'd have to write a war story for children. All children should be safe and free ... read more

Seven years
of Syria
I travelled to the Beqaa Valley with VICE journalist Maddison Connaughton, 
photojournalist Andrew Quilty and
World Vision filmmaker Mark Karam.
We met refugees living in the shadow of the Syrian border. Many had spent their entire childhood and teenage years there
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Quill Awards
Announced as
a Finalist
Announced as a finalist for my "New map highlights shark attack danger zones" story. 
For this story I combined two sets of data; newly released outfall location data with existing shark attack data. When I put one map on top of the other, I discovered that more than 80 per cent of unprovoked fatal shark attack occurred within close proximity of a wastewater outfall.
I was subsequently interviewed on ABC radio about this story.
View finalist list

The Guardian:
Manus Island 
Beyond the Wire
Unvarnished and unscripted, here are the stories of the people of Manus Island – those sent there against their will by the Australian government and who are waiting for their interrupted lives to restart, and Manusians for whom the island has always been home
I worked with a team from World Vision, ACFID and The Guardian to help bring these powerful stories to light ... read more

The Age:
Boxing Day Test crowds go the full English despite dead rubber

Fresh cut mullets and a worrying number of Merv Hughes-inspired handlebar moustaches were out in force on day one of the Boxing Day Test ... read more


The Age:
Security bollards spread from Melbourne's centre to St Kilda tourist spots

Some of Melbourne's most iconic locations are having protective bollards installed as anti-terror security measures spread beyond the Melbourne CBD ... read more


The Age: Melburnians divided over plans for Apple 

Just as the original design for Federation Square polarised many when it was first unveiled, Melburnians are divided over plans to demolish a building at Federation Square to make way for an Apple store ... read more


The New Daily:
New map highlights shark attack danger zones

More than 80 per cent of unprovoked fatal shark attacks in the past decade have occurred within 40 kilometres of wastewater outfalls, analysis by The New Daily reveals ... read more


The Westsider:
When opportunity knocks

In 1943, students from the school of engineering formed a Glee Club – over seventy years later, a new generation of voices have joined forces ... read more

Creative Directions

Creative Directions is a festival of ideas and industry know-how exploring critical issues shaping the nature of work in the contemporary media, cultural and communications industries ... read more



The Lost Opera

In 1969, Opera Australia commissioned one of Australia’s most notable composers, George Dreyfus, to compose an original Australian opera. It was never performed. Almost 50 years on, Dreyfus is still campaigning for justice. more


The Westsider: Footscray market scene snaps top prize
“If you knew nothing about Footscray, or VU and the west of Melbourne, you would only need to spend five minutes at the exhibition to know everything you need to know, and what a fabulously diverse place it is.” read more

The Westsider: Footscray lights
the way

“We wanted West Projections to respond to a lot of the ‘othering’ that is going on at the moment — it’s happening in a gendered sense, a cultural sense, people are being pitted against each other — so we talked about identity, unity and solidarity which led us to Synthesis.” more


The Westsider: Mumu Mike Williams wins Footscray
Art Prize
Pitjantjatjara artist Mumu Mike Williams has claimed the top prize in the inaugural Footscray Art Prize for his painting on Australia Post canvas mailbags. 


Why the courts
overturned the convictions in 
Brett Whiteley forgery case
Most of the media focused on the evidence that the Crown put forward to try to prove that Gant and Siddique were part of a joint criminal enterprise to forge the artworks. But, the Court of Appeal summarised the evidence that was against the Crown in great detail... read more


The Westsider:
The bush tucker movement has arrived
Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders have used native flora and fauna in their cooking for thousands of years, and yet few of these ingredients are in our kitchen cupboards... read more

No one dunnit: Australia’s greatest
art forgery was …
a fake
A jury’s verdict overturned, a Crown case in shambles and two men convicted of forging and selling Brett Whiteley paintings set free. There is a book in the works, and no doubt a movie will follow... read more



Huffington Post: 
What does
AFLW match have

to do with

ending violence against women?


The inaugural season of the AFL Women's ('AFLW') competition kicks off tonight when Collingwood and Carlton clash at Melbourne's Ikon Park. But tonight's game is part of something much bigger... read more


Equal pay and health insurance?
I'd like to see that
The AFL Women's league is drawing crowds, but the players will be paid only a fraction of what their male counterparts... read more.


The Age: When termites attack -
multi part series



First came the clouds of mosquitoes, then the swarms of flies and now insect experts are warning that teams of termites could be hard at work in homes across Melbourne... read more


The Age: 

Police hunt man who broke into home and slept before pulling knife on resident


A Melbourne husband and wife found themselves in a horror, Goldilocks-like scenario when a man held a knife to one of their throats after they came home and discovered him in their bed... read more

The Age:

Victoria's grim road toll soars in 2016


The darkest hours in an appalling year for road deaths in Victoria began not long after 8pm on a Friday in mid-April... read more


The Sydney

Morning Herald: 

It's not just cricket


The McGrath Foundation, the widely respected breast cancer charity is phasing cricket out of its image – or at least, its logo... read more

The Sydney

Morning Herald: 

Don't forget your pets on New Year's Eve


Landmarks across Australia are set to explode in pyrotechnic displays of light, sound and colour, but not everybody is going to enjoy the show... read more

The Age:

Commuters warned of delays as level crossings removed


Speaking at Blackburn station, Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan, announced the construction blitz was well under way to remove two of the most dangerous, congested and busiest level crossings... read more

Crikey: Are the 'fake' Brett Whiteleys genuine after all?


A jury found an art conservator and an art dealer guilty of forging Brett Whiteley paintings. But the judge in the case seems to think they might be genuine after all... read more


The Alternative

Law Journal: 

Life after Mercy

It’s just after midnight in New York. Matthew Sleeth, a Melbourne artist who divides his time between the two cities, is wide awake... read more


Ossie Awards Finalist 

Crikey: To catch a thief: who stole Picasso's Weeping Woman?

For the police who investigated the crime, the theft of Picasso’s Weeping Woman from the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) remains one of their most mysterious and baffling unsolved cases... read more



Mojo Awards 



Ben Quilty

opens up about

his friendship with

Myuran Sukumaran


The artist describes how Myuran changed him, changed Australia, and how he might yet change perceptions of the death penalty around the world... read more


Koori Mail: 

Aboriginal artists 


the defenders


Aboriginal artists from the Central Desert to Arnhem Land have pitched in to save an environmental legal organisation which lost its public funding in 2014... read more

Surfing Life Magazine:

Greg Hunt

has a plan to stop ocean pollution


Marine scientists are calling on surfers and locals from Bondi to Bells to participate in one of the largest research studies into ocean pollution ever undertaken in Australia... read more

Inside a Darwin detention centre


Wickham Point doesn’t look intimidating at first. Not if you ignore the guards, the razor wire, the warning signs and the fact that it’s surrounded by croc-inhabited mangrove swamps on the outskirts of Darwin.