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Drawing on tradition

Lowell Hunter creates spectacular sand art at some of the Surf Coast’s most iconic locations. Although his preferred medium means the works are ephemeral in nature, he captures his creations through drone photography so that the art lives on. Words and photography by Angus Smith.

Lowell Hunter’s artistic journey began almost by accident when the Nyul Nyul Saltwater man was flying his drone at Bells Beach. “I drew a circle in the sand and drew some ‘U’ shapes on the outside of the circle,” he said. The shapes represented his ancestors and old people. “So, I sat myself in that circle and just felt really calm and safe and strong in who I was and that’s how it all started.” Lowell used his drone to take a photo and really liked the end result. He put the image on his Facebook page and it immediately blew up. From that moment on things moved quickly.

Drone photo by Lowell Hunter (supplied). Read the full story in the Summer 2022 edition of Geelong + Surfcoast Living Magazine

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