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NEWS.COM.AU: Paris attacks 4 years on: What Islamic State and suburban gangs have in common

It was Paris’ darkest night this century.

On November 13, 2015, Islamic jihadists wearing suicide vests and brandishing AK-47s murdered 130 people and wounded hundreds more across the French capital.

Four years on, a resurgent and emboldened Islamic State is wreaking havoc with violence, crop fires and suicide bombings across Syria and Iraq, and according to Jamil Jivani, the frontline of the battle is much closer than you think.

Jivani is author of Why Young Men: The Dangerous Allure of Violent Movements and What We Can Do About It’.

According to Jivani, the Paris jihadists and the kids from his neighbourhood have a few things in common: They were young, they were Muslim and they were men.

Terror, bloodshed and death might be where radicalisation and extremist ideology ends, but it’s not where it begins. Read the full story here at

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